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Woke up this morning feelin' fine...

well, hungry but otherwise okay. Got a call from my grandmother which I ddin't answer and decided to call her back just in case, there is lots of craziness going on in my family right now, so I thought I should call her right back.

Then, my husband was flipping through television channels, looking for his Sunday morning car shows and when he flipped past CNN they were talking about the capture of Saddam Hussein. While I have always thought there were much bigger fish to fry (it's an expression) I am glad to see this. I feel that ultimately he got by with far too much for far too long.

Damn subject line, now I am going to have that Herman's Hermits song stuck in my head all morning...

I should add that my sister is escaping the icy conditions here this morning on a plane bound for Hawaii. Courtney has always had a wildly independent streak and I admire her for doing this on her own. She just finished college and now she's taking a year off... I wonder if she'll get a job or just expect my aunt and uncle to support her for a year? Either way, I wish I were on a plane for somewhere right now. Anywhere would be fine, but Europe would be best! :)

I love my sister and I am glad that my aunt and uncle's income allows her the opportunity to do stuff like travel to Europe and stuff. But, I am a touch jealous too as I have never been off the North American continent. I have been to Canada and Mexico and all over the U.S. though. I guess ideally she and I would go on a trip together once we both finish our Ph.D.'s,...

In that spirit, on this cold Sunday morning, a couple of top five lifetime to-do lists:

Top Five Overseas Destinations (in no particular order):
@ Greece (I want to see the old amphitheaters)
@ Russia (St. Petersburg and Moscow especially
@ France, Italy, Spain: an exploration of the countryside and little villages/towns followed by a trip to major cities for art museums and monuments and such
@ Brazil (I don't really know why)
@ Ireland (natural beauty of the landscape) and Great Britain (have to go to see Shakespeare's birthplace at least, but there's other stuff I would like to see too)

Top Five Things I'd Like to do before I die:
@ See Paris in the fall
@ Spend New Year's Eve in New York City
@ Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans
@ Go to a Super Bowl (preferably one in which the Giants are playing)
@ See the running of the bulls in Pamplona
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