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So much for the long meaningful post...

My husband and I are each opening a gift in T minus 39 minutes and counting. Yay!

I got a Christmas card from my dad last night, which weirded me out because we haven't spoken in about two years. I usually don't even hear from him because he is either drunk or in jail..

If you knew me, you'd think I am making all this stuff up, but I'm not...


My husband read the address and was like "Ange, I think you got a Christmas card from your dad..." So I opened it and there was a check (written from a joint account) that he and his new girlfriend (who is my age apparently) have together.

The whole situation is just weird, but I will send a thank you card and try to be happy about it, as usual...

Some days I don't know what my parents expect of me...
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