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Lunch with my sister...

Had lunch with my sister today -- it was actually fun, except that she decided that today would be a good day to go on the great purse hunting adventure and that took forever, plus we were both feeling ill, possibly from something we ate for lunch.

Anyway, enough with the run on sentences... She loved Hawaii and we talked about planning a trip to Spain or France in the not too distant future. I cannot imagine how we'd be together for a long stretch of time, since we are sooo different, but who knows it could be fun?

Right now, my head is killing me. I mean really I haven't had a headache this bad in ages and my puppies are running around the newly cleaned house going WTF???

One last note, I have conquered shopping! I went to B&N today and got The Forsythe Saga for my sister and Wicked (the true story of the wicked witch of the west) for me. Then I got a Potter the Otter, one for me and one for rainpuddle13. He is absolutely adorable and so soft and cuddly!

ETA: Apparently, my journal sucks even more than illandaria's:

Journal Name
How bad does it suck?

You're going to go post this in your journal. Along with the dozen other memes and quizzes you've posted today, and will post tomorrow. You fucking whore.

Take the meme at t3knomeme
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