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All About Me...

1) Color(s): Violet, Scarlet, Cobalt Blue
2) Type of pet: My puppies, but I also like cats
3) Animal: It's a tie, panda bears or penguins
4) Flower: Another tie, violets or irises
5) Food: Potatoes of any kind
6) Type of cuisine: Mexican, or Italian
7) Gemstone: Pearl, definitely pearl
8) Book: The Stand by Stephen King, and Winesburg, Ohio by Sherwood Anderson
9) Author: Stephen King, Raymond Carver
10) Movie: Gone with the Wind, The Royal Tenenbaums
11) Actor/Actress:
Actors - Jack Nicholson, Gene Hackman, Owen Wilson
Female Actors: Julianne Moore, Bebe Neuwirth, Susan Sarandon
12) TV show/miniseries:
Comedies: The Powers That Be, Friends, Frasier
Dramas: The Practice, American Chopper
13) Song: Currently, "I Wanna Do It All" -Terri Clark
14) Musical group/singer/composer: Mark Mothersbaugh and, of course, the holy trinity Eric Clapton, Elton John, and Billy Joel
15) Season: Autumn
16) Holiday: Halloween
17) Time of day: Evening, specifically dusk

About my appearance…
18) My real hair color is… Honey Blonde
19) My current hair color is… Lighter than that but still blonde, though it changes all the time
20) My eye color is… Brown
21) My height is… 5'4"
22) My typical style of dress is… Blue jeans and tee shirts or when it's cold sweaters or fleece, almost always sandals or clogs, just my watch and wedding ring for jewelery. Very low key...
23) Piercings I have include… Two in each ear, but one of them has grown in so it doesn't really count
24) Tatoos I have include… None yet..

Random things about me…
26) My sign of the Zodiac is… Gemini
27) My heritage consists of… Mexican/Native American/Dutch on my dad's side, English and Dutch on my mother's side
28) My current/aspiring job/career is… College Professor - Literature
29) My greatest fears are… Spiders, bugs of any kind, frogs, bees, immortality
30) Surgeries I’ve had include… Eye surgery when I was six to remove and replace my eye muscles, an appendectomy when I was twelve
31) My siblings include… A sister named Courtney, a half sister, and a step brother
32) My favorite type of game (video, computer, board, etc.)... Trivial Persuit, Monopoly, Galaga, Rummy, Solitaire
33) Instruments I play (or wish I could play) include… can't play a damn thing, but I would love to be able to play harp or cello, I just don't have the patience
34) My biggest secret is… I am utterly selfish
35) My best quality is… I don't really have any, I think I would make an excellent campaign advisor for a politician though, I am perceptive about manipulating people
36) My worst quality is… impatience
37) Languages I can speak and/or have studied include… English, French
38) The best vacation I ever took was… Wedding in Vegas
39) If I could travel to only THREE places I’ve never been to before right now, I would travel to… Greece, Russia, Ireland
40) My best friend is… Cyn
41) One weird/geeky/strange thing about me is… I organize my closet by color.
42) My favorite dessert is… Cheesecake
43) My favorite subject in high school was… AP English or French (but they were both with the same teacher...
44) My least favorite subject in high school was… Algebra II, the memories still haunt me...
45) My best subject in high school was… English and History/Government
46) My worst subject in high school was… Algebra
47) My favorite cartoon is… Don't really like cartoons
48) My hobbies include… Reading, watching movies, sports, playing on the computer
49) I collect… Books, stuffed toys, lighthouses, office supplies and book toys (bookmarks, bookends, etc.)
50) My favorite children’s book is… The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, or if I had been a child when I read it, it would have probably been Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

As usual, nabbed from rainpuddle13
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