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So I have decided on a January theme, I think, at least, we'll see how it goes. Happy New Year and for those of you on the West coast (not to spoil the surprise or anything) but everything is the same... (lol!)

I didn't go out for Margaritas and games after all, because I got sick this afternoon and spent most of the day in touch with my bathroom floor crawling around trying to hurl with some sense of direction... (Yuck!) Oh and why is it everytime I get a little vacation, I get sick?

In other news, check out my cool P&P icon!

ETA: From The Onion (super funny!)

Man Breaks Out Dating Boxers
SUFFOLK, VA—Having secured a date for the first time in seven months, area resident Andrew Agee removed his dating boxers from the bottom of his dresser. "No tighty-whities for me tonight," said Agee, taking off a pair of dingy Fruit Of The Loom briefs and slipping on the blue Calvin Klein boxers with a small, understated white "CK" logo near the bottom of the right leg. "A girl might actually see me in my underwear." Agee added that if the date goes well and future encounters with the woman seem likely, he will purchase a three-pack of boxers.
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