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Since we missed our usual Thursday...

the ever lovely rainpuddle13 and I went out for a bit today. Nothing huge, McDonald's and RotK (which by the way rocked my socks... if you haven't seen it, definitely do because it is so well paced you won't even realize how long it lasts!).

I am also catching up on friend's entries because I spent most of New Year's Eve sick and all of yesterday in bed asleep. At least I finished reading The Passion of Artemesia (more news about my thought on the novel can be found at stuffedshelves where I will be keeping track of all my bookish pursuits).

Also, another quiz swiped from ladyoracle:
(not cut because I like the quote and I think the picture is cool)
Va-Va-Voom! You're inner Bombshell is Mae West.
You've definitly got a lot of wit, a lot of
smarts, and you know how to use people to your
advantage. Ever heard the phrase "doesn't
take any crap from anybody"? Well that's
you! Just like Mae you never want to settle
down, and can't imagine being with just one man
for the rest of your life. You don't care about
conventions and have no filter from your brain
to you mouth. Check out the movie "She
Done Him Wrong" to see your inner
bombshell in all her voluptuous glory!

Who is your inner bombshell?
brought to you by Quizilla
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