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Never was there a "tail" of more woe...

I am sooo completely exhausted.

I didn't get in to the office until nearly 11:30am -- my dog kept me up all night and I had to take her to the vet at 8am this morning, apparently she dislodged her tail (or did something to it that caused her tremendous pain and discomfort since she couldn't even sit or lie down, she spent all night crying and standing at the side of my bed...)

I considered the emergency vet, but it was $70 just to take her in, not including what they would charge for services or medications, if I had that kind of money right now I would have done it in a heartbeat, but I have less than $100 in my account and we have to have gas to get back and forth to work and enough money in our account so that we aren't overdrawn...

I suspected (because she had been rubbing her butt on the ground) that the problem was with her anal glands needing expressed (this is not a pretty job) but I was up at 4:30am with my husband holding Ginger's head while I used some gauze and a pair of rubber gloves to do the best I could considering she wouldn't lift her tail at all and when I tried to she yelped in pain... I started to cry, she hated me. She even (gulp) growled at me!

I did the best I could, as fast as possible, then hit the sack. Meanwhile, my husband, who had been asleep, rested upstairs on the futon as Ginger stood in the middle of the floor whining. We woke up just after 7:30 and rushed around to get her to the vet the second they opened (8:00am)

Of course today is Tuesday... it had to be Tuesday. My vet's office does surgeries only on Tuesday and Thursday until 10am, so we had to wait another two hours with Ginger crying out in pain. Of course, my husband and I are totally frazzled by this point...

We finally got her in and had to wait for the one appointment and then the one walk in that was ahead of us. The vet checked her glands and said they were fine. I was elated, "Great, I thought..." then it hit me, if it wasn't her glands, something could be really, really wrong. Since he couldn't lift her tail without hurting her, the vet got down on his knees and looked up at her that is when he made the determination that there was nothing around her anal area to cause irritation (I was afraid of maybe a sting, or something). He then felt her lower spine, where it meets her tail and said it was disjointed, she had somehow pulled or sprained her tail or something...

The vet said that all he can do is give her pain relievers until she gets better (in 2 weeks or more). If she isn't better in 2 weeks I have to take her back because it could be a rare, but serious condition in which there is pressure on the nerves surrounding the tail that has to be surgically corrected...

My poor baby, and now hubby and I are at work until 9:00pm... Will the fun ever end?

Did I mention I am so completely exhausted?
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