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I have a dear friend who is expecting her second baby in October, her oldest daughter is getting ready for kindergarten in a few weeks and my friend has been very distant, pretty much all summer, but I figured she was just busy with baby and school preparations. She called today to ask me about lunch, when I told her about some of the good stuff going on in my life right now, she told me she had wanted to get together for lunch soon and talk...

Anyway, turns out her husband joined the Air Force and they will be moving in January, and though they have been planning this for some time, she just now told me! I am kind of upset about it because well ...

I don't know if she's excited I am excited for her, but it sucks to lose such a good friend. We work at the same university, we are both married and live close to each other (within ten or fifteen minutes) it was just nice to have someone around I could trust and talk to. Mind you, I have other friends, some I am even closer to and more compatible with, but still. I don't know I am just kind of down in the dumps about it! Although I really am happy for her, for moving on with her life, now she will be able to travel around a lot and that is something she has always wanted.

"Everybody's so different, I haven't changed" - Joe Walsh
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