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For the love of Pete-sa

Anyone care to guess how long I was on the phone with my mom?
Well, let me tell you anyway...
You aren't going to believe this one...
2 and a half hours!

Granted I have talked to her for longer (in particular I will never forget the eight hour phone call from her when I first moved to Richmond) but ugh just the same.

It would not be so bad if she had even one nice thing to say, which she of course didn't. My mom tends to think that the world is difficult only for her and goddammit everyone has problems... I know this is a result of her bipolar disorder, but my god sometimes I feel like one more word and I will take a knife to my own wrists...

Also, can anyone tell me why pizza cutters never work as well as they are supposed to? It is quite aggravating, that.Anyway, mangled though it was, I just enjoyed two piping hot slices of buffalo chicken pizza... mmmm!

In other news,guardian_writer it looks like you've got company...
My completely inaccurate horoscope for today:

Creativity and romance are a good combination, dear Gemini, and today both are in top form. Why not get out the good stationery and craft a love note that will set that special someone's heart aflutter? Cater to your romantic side, ideally with a partner at your side. Even if you are alone, a deep bubble bath will do wonders for your soul.


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Jan. 26th, 2004 04:00 pm (UTC)
My mom is really negative on the phone, too. I finally told her not to call me unless she had something nice to say or wanted me to help her work through her problems, but I would not sit and be lectured or made to feel bad by her. However, she doesn't have a diagnosed disorder.

Hope the rest of your evening is pleasant!
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