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Irksome, Crackers and Other Such Nonsense!

A couple of the students in my office are irritating the crap out of me!

Case in point one student just came by wanting to know about how to contact a professor she has been unable to get a hold of by email. I gave her an alternate email and an office number since the professor does consulting from home and has no problem with students calling him there. Bad move! Her first response: "can I call him from your phone right now???" (ummmm... NO!?!?)

So I say I would wait and call him tomorrow during the day, thinking I have solved the problem (YAY!) chicklit walks away (DOUBLE YAY!), since I can finish what I am doing). I turn back to the task at hand.

She comes back like thirty seconds later, "but I have a class at 10:00am tomorrow". I just about lost it! >( "So call him right before or right after, I really need to finish this!" She looked perplexed and walked away no sign of her back again, at least not yet! Grrr!

On a side note, I am eating cream cheese and chives on Captiain's Wafers from the vending machine, not as good as the baked potato I brought for lunch, but pretty tasty!

Oh and since I am rambling about useless stuff I like the Maine quarter, and although I love lighthouses I am a little surprised they didn't put a lobster on the Maine quarter.

Only two days 'til my 4 day weekend -- a very good thing as I need a break from work!
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