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OK it is official - I hate the Quizno's commercials that playboy_mommy mentioned in her journal sometime last week. At that point I had never seen one, or at least never noticed it. Now, I see them all the time and they just annoy the crap out of me!

kirixchi I have every intention of posting a load of comments re: Debfic and hot L/N but I am uber busy. Excuse me while I suck at being an LJ friend... *pouts*

sammyh I owe you some comments too my dear along with some other things I really must verify your snail mail address email me with it if you want...

lissannej (((hugs))) Again, hope your day gets better!

Finally, rainpuddle13 thanks for putting up with my broke ass lately...

(((hugs))) and three cheers for yummy recipes!

Okay this is it my first attempt at HP fanfic:

"The Life of the Party (Part 1 of 2)" Unbeta'd
Pomona Sprout/Severus Snape and other Hogwarts faculty
Rating: PG
A very brief 800 words

Early June 1996

She could have worn anything. Snape didn’t care.

“What about this lavender one?” Mona beckoned. “I could put some gardenias in my hair with this one, wouldn’t that be nice?”

Severus eyed her warily. He didn’t even like Sybil Trelawney; so why were they wasting a perfectly good evening attending her going-away party? He knew for a fact that Pomona could not stand to be around Sybil for more than fifteen minutes, even though she was the most patient witch he knew. Maybe he could convince her that they should stay in instead.

“Mona, remind me again why we are even going to this shindig. She is only going to be gone for six months, and I need to make lesson plans for the potions finals coming up next week” Snape said in his most exasperated voice.

“We are going because I promised Minerva I wouldn’t leave her alone with Sybil all night and because you promised to come with me. And I know for a fact that you have had potions finals planned for weeks, so we are going Severus, end of discussion. Now, what about this red one? I have some lovely ruby earrings that would work perfectly and I…”

Severus was beginning to tune her out already. He had to come up with something, a plan to get them out of what was sure to be a ghastly evening. He admired and respected Minerva, but three or four hours with Sybil Trelawney and her batty friends and he would have to brew headache potions for days.

“Mona,” Severus stammered, “I, uh, really don’t think I can go tonight. Dumbledore has been bugging me for days to create a potion for a dear friend of his who has a terrible infestation of Doxies, and I really must get to work on making it. Apparently, the Doxycide you get nowadays does no good, they are completely immune, and I need to research how to make a more powerful version, you see, because Dunble…”

Mona cut him off mid-sentence. “We are going Severus, you and I. Now, what about these earrings, do you like them,” she asked without awaiting his answer. “Oh, and I have a very potent Doxycide out in the greenhouse I made myself this fall. I can guarantee it will do the trick. I hate those little buggers!” Mona mumbled something more about Doxies, but she was too busy trying to cram her lush figure into her gown for Severus to make out the exact phraseology of her remonstration.

Mona stepped in front of him to check her ensemble in the mirror. She was a woman who looked slightly older than she was, but who was still very beautiful and she had an inner fire that Snape adored. The scarlet gown and accompanying cloak looked magnificent and framed her voluptuous curves perfectly.

After Mona had placed her hair just as she wanted it and fastened it with rosebuds and bleeding sneezewort sprigs, which were like baby’s breath, only a violent red color instead of white, she turned to see Severus still in his teaching robes, staring into space. She so rarely dressed up that Snape was taken aback to see her in this fashion. Her fingernails free from the soil that had become a permanent fixture and her long straight hair in a beautiful up do with tiny tendrils of curls framing her heart-shaped face. However, all Severus could think about was her eyes. They blazed with a shade of blue that was simultaneously delicate and alarming, inviting and distanced. Now he really was wondering what he could do to convince her that staying in was certainly the most appropriate course for the evening, perhaps even the entire weekend.

“What are you thinking about?” she asked, this time awaiting a response from him.

When none came she asked again, louder this time. “Severus!” she demanded, “What are you thinking about, and why aren’t you dressed? We have to leave in fifteen minutes, you know.”

“Oh, um nothing, nothing at all. I um need to get changed then? Yes, right, well then, oh I had best get my things together and get ready then huh?”

“Severus,” Mona asked, “Is there something the matter? You’re acting very strange this evening.”

But Severus wasn’t paying attention. Instead, he had picked up his dress robes and the fancy black cravat that Mona had prompted him to wear, against his will nonetheless. He had all of the fabric in a large bundle when he spotted his wand on her mahogany dressing table. He took one look at Mona in her beautiful red garments and another look at his wand. She looked so beautiful, and this would be the one night that he could actually focus on her. But did he dare do what he was thinking of?

Tomorrow=a hectic day at work and then (joy of joys) a trip to the dentist!
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