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I like guys with facial hair and big brains....

My physical attraction dealie!

We call one type of guy that you seemed to consistently like "Pups." Their look goes with a certain loveable, puppy dog appeal. They're nice-looking guys, but they are imperfect enough to be approachable. Their big eyes and goofy smiles convey warmth and kindness. Like puppies, these guys can be a bit awkward and clumsy, so be prepared to have a drink or two spilled on you! Only about 1 in 10 women (11%) are attracted to this unique type, so they'll be flattered that you appreciate their charm.

You also seem to like qualities often found in men some describe as "Bears." They tend to be bigger guys, with full roundish or oval faces. Most have beards or some kind of facial hair. Typically, you can catch some chest hair peeking from under their shirts. Their nice smiles and warm expressions make them very approachable and so huggable! About half of all women (49%) say they find these men especially attractive. So, get in line!

Talking to friend last night and she reminded me that I over analyze everything... will try to do less of that in the near future.

Need to do some cleaning ... tomorrow!
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