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Such a funny, well wirtten article

This article is very funny with several one liners I just couldn't cut and hide! From The New Yorker, via a link at Arts and Letters Daily...

"Charming when it first appeared, the show now has something dutiful and undignified about it, like a society lady in her eighties wearing spandex and shimmying her hips; it’s nice to know she can do it on New Year’s Eve, but you don’t really want to see her doing it every night."

"At this, the intermittents went out on strike—a difficult thing to do when you are not working in the first place, but they managed it, holding marches that shut down the center of Paris, throwing bits and pieces of old film into the streets, and displaying sloganeering of a high quality."

"When the country and its joys can be shut down by part-time trombonists, however, something is wrong, or at least ridiculous."

Also of note:
Crack for English majors!
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