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Kingdom Come

So I have been non-updatey the past few days mostly by chance not choice. Comcast it seems refuses to supply an internet connection on my schedule and instead chooses to go with their own.

It is probably a good thing I didn't post the past couple of days because they have been very bad and I have been fighting back lots of rage. Not a word I use often but one that definitely applies, when I showed up at my class on Tuesday I was soo ready to rip someone's head off and use it for a soccer ball... rage I tell you!

I watched the O.C. last night. That show gets better and better I swear!

I also watched Kingdom Hospital and I gotta say I was impressed by the artistic way in which it was done. Beautiful, dark, almost erotic.

I have also heard everyone talking about the JKR chat of yesterday (or was it the day before?) sadly I missed it and will have to bring myself up to speed...

Sorry for the lack of punctuation and sentence structure. It has been a long day!

I need a day in the earth I need to get back to working with my hands and doing physical labor. There is nothing like it... When I go to work I come home exhausted mentally and too wound up physically to rest properly. Must plant something this weekend. I need my hands in dirt and my mind on something other than work. The vague dissatisfaction I experienced around the beginning of the year has turned into something deeper, something horrible and torturous to my soul. I hate me.

I have a Thankful Thursday list, but I think it will be posted tomorrow. I need to decompress first.

ETA: WTF? I would rather have Justin Finch-FLetchly than this...
Who is your Hogwarts Man-slave (and related info)? by mini_macphisto
Month of Birth:
Howarts House:
Your Man-slave:Draco
Favourite prop:Chocolate
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