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Long Weekend

Becaause ladyoracle did it...

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Didn't go to work on Friday. Instead spent the day outside (in the wind) planting flowers witha scratchy throat. It all look beautiful though!

Saturday more of the same, raking, pruning, weeding, etc.

Sunday, saw my dad for the first time in about two years. For those who don't remember from my posts around Christmas time he is planning on getting married soon and seems to have changed a lot (for the better). He helped Daniel and me get the outlet box in our living room shimmed so we could install the ceiling fan Daniel's parents bought us as a housewarming gift last summer (hmmm... a fan, in summer... does that make it a housecooling gift?...). I also did massive cleaning and grociery shopping in preparation for dad's visit, so ya know

Needless to say today I am beat! I want something to eat, but I don't know what. Hopefully Daniel and I will make it to the gym tonight now that our house is presentable...

Oh and check out all the new pretty icons!
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