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Hard at work making icons!

I have been hard at work making new icons. YAY! (I was really in need of some new stuff ...) I have loads more, but I need to get my webspace up and create a gallery...

For what it's worth my legs and shoulders are still a little sore from a weekend worth of work. Ugh!

Also, I just took the HP marriage quizzes that seem to be making the rounds on the f-list.. I got Remus and Bill Weasley just like last time so I decided not to post even though I really love me some Bill Weasley and Remus isn't bad either.

Thanks to rainpuddle13 for the article and the ride home... you rock sweetie!I owe you so big!

I need something to take my mind off the fact that it is getting to be beautiful outside while I sit cooped up inside. Don't get me wrong, come summer I'll be bitching about the heat because, well I hate being hot, and because of my asthma I cannot breathe during the summer, but for right now I am loving the little warming trend we have going on...
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