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More on the fire...

Okay, so I was on my way over to the parking and transportation office which is just under the parking deck and on my way back I stopped right across the street and had chicken fingers from the Ukrop's (very good but kind of expensive grocery store here in Richmond).

Since it is such a beautiful day I was sitting outside eating lunch under one of the umbrellas when I look up and see smoke, then flames over the block sized parking deck I had just left!

Both the smoke and the flames continued to get worse until I left to head back to the office. I could see large peices of ashen debris flying around as well. On my way back to th office I could sense the oxygen being sucked out of the air and the heat being infused into it.

I am now several blocks away, but the wind is blowing flaming debris blocks and even miles away. I am a little nervous even though our building should be fine.

For today's this or that...

singing or dancing?
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