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Because it would be a shame for the world not to know...

Check out this site for the coolest fonts (actually they are dingbats, but why split hairs???). I have been a fan of this site for about 5 years now and think everyone else should know how beautiful the fonts are!!! I especially like Aeroplanes and Panda, although lots of them (mostly woodcuts) are gorgeous!

I am sad about missing my Thursday evening with rainpuddle13 but alas I am sorely broke and couldn't drag my ass to class tonight, I just need one class off you know?

I want cheesy french fries with bacon and ranch dressing -- very very much -- and having articulated it I only want it that much more. Must not think about it...

I saw a commercial last night for a local pet store that sells hedgehogs, and I want one so much... alas, we don't have the time or money to take care of one properly, so that will remain a want for a while...

I love, Love, LOVE my new 18" flat panel monitor here at work, and it will be much easier on the eyes I know.

I am feeling rather crappy today, to make matters worse I left my cough drops at home and my throat is killing me! I am currently forcing myself to ration out my remaining clear soda.

Today's this or that:
Heads or Tails?

ETA: I want a screen capture from finding Nemo at the beginning where Marlin finds the one little fish egg (Nemo), does anyone know where I could find one? (Or how to screen capture a DVD frame?)
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