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Wasn't planning on it...

I wasn't planning on another update today, however, the evil kirixchi has completely done me in! Checking out some entries in her journal that I had missed before and found her cute shoes post! I then closed the windows only to be blasted with a new window for purses. Beautiful purses. Beautiful purses which I cannot even begin to afford! And now I want this:

title or description


Also, I remembered that I had forgotten to post the weekend this or that (yet another threeway):

Introvert, Extrovert, or Somewhere between?

Is anyone on my f-list watching The Apprentice? I thought the concept looked lame, but I should have known that Trump could make anything work... It is a really good show, and the ratings are better than the first season of Survivor! (And FYI I HATE reality TV, especially Survivor, gimme a good old fashioned game show anyday!). Anyway, I am rooting for Kwami, although I liked Bill and Troy too. Amy was good, but I didn't like her much. It will be interesting to see who "wins" and what the job is...

That's all for now. Must go try to convince the hubby that we can afford a trip out to find cheese fries!

I swear Prince Harry gets better looking every day!
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