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Sorry so long!

The below paragraphs are from a recent New York Times article about a new novel focusing on the murder of Daniel Pearl, the Jewish journalist killed in Pakistan. The below is excerpted for those who do not have a Times web subscription (all material is obviously copyright of the New York Times)

"If I had to pick, I'd say it was because he was Jewish," said Mr. Lévy, who is himself a nonpracticing Jew. "Amid my shock at his death was the realization that we were entering a century in which a man could have his throat cut for saying, `My father is Jewish, my mother is Jewish, I am a Jew.' As I read his work, I also understood he was not just a Jew. He was a Jew who believed in reaching out to moderate Islam. And I recognized myself in his way of being Jewish."

"I don't think any American newspaper would have taken the risk of sending a journalist — especially a Jew — in the steps of Daniel Pearl," he said. "I had the luck of being French, with the French position on the Iraq war well known. I still had a diplomatic passport. I played with ambiguities, telling people I was doing something I wasn't doing then: I was writing a novel, I was an official envoy. I was far less exposed than any American, although still at risk as a Jew."

There is a lot of other stuff I would love to post about, such as the probability of seeing an increase in your power bill due to the recent blackouts and much needed upgrades to the power grids, the current book I am reading (The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy), biology, art and art history and so many other things, but first I must get some sleep and figure out how to use a cut tag!
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