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Happy Mayday!

I am back! (I am sure no one missed me, but you know FYI…)

So here’s what has consumed all my time lately…
1. My mom is apparently dying. She has a number of problems including some sort of inoperable heart condition. I am not sure what is going on so it has been stressful. I could get a call any day to come and make the cremation arrangements…
2. Work has been outrageous! We are arranging for graduate final oral comprehensive exams, so I have spent the past two weeks working with 100 schedules to arrange for them…
3. Household annoyances. Last week when it was like 85 degrees our AC went out, we had to borrow a window unit from my husband’s store and have both been struggling to do basic things like water our plants and feed and walk the dogs…
4. I am busy trying to make some arrangements for June NYC and DC. I have been looking at hotels and stuff and trying to nail down my plans…
5. Class is ending but I still have the final exam and like an idiot I agreed to do an extra credit kind of presentation deal, okay actually not any extra credit, just brownie points.
6. I am co-planning the spring get together for the staff council and chairing the mentoring committee too! ARGH! So much to do, why didn’t I just say I couldn’t do it?

Anyway, I am thinking very seriously about going to Korea and Japan next year for a women’s studies conference. I have to talk to my bosses about a) taking the time off and b) seeing if they will/can pay for any of the cost.

Class is finally winding down. Thank goodness. I am hoping he is going to let us out a bit early next Thursday so we can come home and watch the Friends' finale. I am also going to try to remember to tape it just in case, ‘cause I am dumb and I know I will cry through most of it…

I am very, very, very behind on commenting, for that I apologize. It has been such a busy couple of weeks.

I hope I can be around rather regularly now. Oh also, I just added a few more interests and changed my background. It was time for something new. But definitely after May 15th I will have time to do more with LJ.
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