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Okay, I am seriously contemplating how long I could stay awake at one time... I am so determined to make it to NY to see lissannej and I am seriously thinking about taking the train up early one morning and then back late that night, cause really I cna sleep on the train and seventy something dollars isn't bad, it is the hotel bill I can't swing at this point... *grumbles*

New class is already kicking my ass! Dude logic=not easy! Stay far away -- all this and I haven't even gotten into the part that looks like it is out of a geometry textbook yet... *grouses*

My head hurts. *groans*

Not quite sure where this came from, but hopefully it would be ready in time to post before Slythcon for anyone who might be interested.

It was not quite 6:00am and yet Pansy was up. In fact, she had been up all night. After gathering wolfsbane and jealousy jonquils with the head of Hufflepuff house, that intolerable Professor Sprout, Pansy had spent the entire night studying her arse off. She had needed to use some materials in the restricted section, but she'd lost the year long pass Professor Snape had given her and her summoning charm hadn't seemed to pull up anything of value, so she spent the night writing scrolls for herbology and working on a new potion she had been developing in her spare time.
Pansy was determined to get the highest possible grade on her potions, arithmancy, and herbology OWL's. She hoped that with extraordinary NEWT's she could convince her father that his shop in Knockturn Alley should go to her instead of to her older brother Peter as was customary. After all, Peter had done only fair on his OWL's and had earned only 2 NEWT's -- one in Arithmancy and one in History of Magic. Besides, Peter would rather work in Morrocco unearthing hidden treasure or tracking down ancient scrolls for a wizarding museum than run his father's shop. Pansy, on the other hand, had more ambitious plans for her father's business and for herself...
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