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Finally saw Chicago last night. I loved Queen Latifah's performance and I was pleasantly surprised by Catherine Zeta-Jones as she is not really my favorite. Renee Zellweger did a good job, but I thought Richard Gere's performance was lackluster at best... not horrible, just not the caliber performance I would have expected.

The dance numbers rocked of course, but I don't know about best picture... guess I will have to wait until I see some of the other nominees (all of which I wanted to see while they were in the theatre, but didn't). I think Adaptation, About Schmidt, The Hours, and Far From Heaven are going to have to be purchased soon!

Best Line: Velma Kelly: Shit! (after seeing Roxy faint and claim "I hope the fall didn't hurt the baby!")

Best Performance: Queen Latifah

Rating: **** (4/5 stars)
Tags: academy awards, catherine zeta-jones, movies, oscars, queen latifah, renee zellweger, richard gere

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